About this blog

In short: This blog will be mainly about me and my experiences and exploits in my job and hobby projects.

About my job

I work as an independent IT consultant, focussing on Linux, Virtualization and Network and Server administration. My clients contact me when they need a renewal of their server and/or network infrastructure and are in need of external experience. As with most system administrators in these times, i come in contact with a lot of environments where a migration to a virtualization infrastructure is a good idea or needed. As i encounter special situations, i hope to be able to share my experience and my stories. And hopefully i can help some people out.

About me

Just an IT guy, born in 1983 (much easier than telling my age, which i have to change every year) and living near Leuven (Belgium). My biggest hobby is actually what i do for work, so that’s easy. Other hobbies include photography and a bit of gaming.