Govmomi and listening for vSphere events

Govmomi and listening for vSphere events

For a while, i’ve wanted to get some experience in Go (or Golang, if you prefer), but never found the time. Recently I found the need for something that allows me to capture all the VM events on an ESXi host and handle according to them.

Next to pyVmomi, VMware also has a vSphere SDK for Go, called govmomi, and I thought that this was the perfect moment to dive into Go and get my hands dirty as i already know how to work with the pyVmomi library and the vSphere SDK/API.

Coming from a (basic) Python background and not being a real developer, moving to Go was quite an adjustment and after only one or two days of playing around with it, i still have to learn a lot.

However, i can compare govmomi vs pyVmomi and one thing is immediately clear about Go and govmomi: It is fast… Really fast. What normally would take a couple of seconds in pyVmomi, takes less than a second in govmomi.

To get started with Go, you can visit the Go Tour, it helps a lot to explain the basics of Go and the important aspects. However, as all developers know, the best way to get to know a programming language, is by using it. So let’s dive deeper in how govmomi works.

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