VMworld Europe Hackathon: Introducing team Automation for All

VMworld Europe Hackathon: Introducing team Automation for All

In a week, VMworld Europe 2017 kicks off and as tradition dictates, VMware is organising a Hackathon on Monday night. As part of that, a bunch of us have started a team to do something cool with Ansible during that Hackathon (team 4 on the list).

The first and foremost goal of our team is to have fun and enjoy a good evening with like-minded people. If, during all of that fun, beer drinking, chocolate eating and overall banter, we also manage to build something interesting, all the better!

The team

The team consists of some interesting and experienced people with great backgrounds:

If you want to meet the team, join us on our VMware {code} Hackathon-Europe Slack channel!

The goal

There are two potential goals that we could go for as a team:

  • Develop a new Ansible module to do something in a vSphere environment, for instance deploying an OVA.
  • Creating Ansible roles to automate a deployment of a vSphere product, for instance vSphere Integrated Containers.

Let’s dive in each of those options a little deeper.

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